• A valid Driver’s License from your country (place of residence) is mandatory, you must also provide an International license as per regulatory Indonesian law. A photocopy of your license and passport will be kept on record via our rental software system.
  • P.T. Mute Urban Transportasi T/A MUTE Garage Bali accepts all major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, for payments either way of our website or in store.
  • MUTE Garage Bali requires 100% of the rental fee at the time of booking. This sum must be paid in full before pickup/arrival date.
  • Your signature on the rental agreement page constitutes authority for MUTE Garage Bali to debit the final total charges against your account and your specific card-issuing organisation.
  • The minimum age to rent a bike or scooter from MUTE Garage Bali is 18.
  • MUTE Garage Bali’s prices are outlined on our website in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Once a booking has been made through our website, these costs are final.
  • All of MUTE’s rental rates are calculated on a 24-hour basis as on our website. Specific times can be chosen for pick-ups and or deliveries to your accommodation. If specified and have made prior arrangements with us.
  • Rental payments refunds are given if notified to us via email / phone 2 days prior to your booking date. MUTE will keep hold of a 30% Non-refundable fee for administration purpose, alternatively in the event of a cancellation your booking can be used for an agreed alternative date or transferred to another person, if the specific model ordered is available on the new booking date.
  • Bikes/scooters must be returned on the specified time frame that you have chosen within your booking agreement, this is the condition of the hire agreement. Any late returns may result in extra hiring costs at day rates. If there is a need to change this specific time, then please contact us immediately. If you would like to extend your rental period, then inform us by a simple phone call or e-mail as soon as you are aware. Extending your rental period will only be possible if the specific model is available.
  • Motorcycle thefts do occur in Bali. To make sure the bike insurance is valid, all bikes must be locked when not in use. All motorcycles are provided with an additional steering lock for this purpose. Our staff will give you an orientation of the motorcycle prior to hiring.
  • Hirers are responsible for parking their bikes/scooters only in designated bike areas or those indicated by parking staff.
  • Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances a chosen bike/scooter model will not be available. In this case please contact us directly and we may be able to offer you a similar model.
  • Fuel costs are the client’s responsibility. All bikes/scooters are supplied with a full tank of fuel on delivery and should be returned with a full tank of fuel. You must ONLY use Pertamax fuel in all of our bikes, all Indonesian fuel stations carry Pertamax fuel (blue in colour). This is shown on the top of the fuel cap for your easy reference. In the case that the fuel tank is not full upon return, MUTE Garage Bali is authorised to charge your credit card USD5.00 for one of our staff to go and refill the bike/scooter.
  • If you encounter a flat or punctured tyre you may have this replaced or repaired at any authorised manufacturers dealership. General repairs are not expensive though you must inform us immediately if this has occurred. If you use the Honda 24/7 roadside assist service, please notify us immediately. Honda’s roadside assist phone number is 0361 438 008 or +62361 438 008 (HONDA SCOOTERS ONLY)
  • This rental agreement DOES NOT INCLUDE extreme tyre wear or damage, or battery replacement due to negligence from leaving ignition or headlights on.
  • MUTE Garage Bali is not liable for failure to perform our obligation within our hire agreements caused by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot, and terrorism.
  • MUTE Garage Bali is not liable for any illegal conduct or actions by clients against the law of the Republic of Indonesia.


  • We will ask you to present your credit card used for the online booking and your passport for verification purposes at the time of the hand-over of the bike/scooter. If the bike/scooter is pre-delivered to your accommodation and you are not present, we will require you to confirm these identification numbers i.e. Passport / driver’s license. The delivery & pick-up documentation will be left with your resort, hotel or villa management.
  • If in the circumstance where you leave the hired bike/scooter at your accommodation for us to pick-up without you being present, please ensure that you take 5 photographs of the bike: (front side, left side, right side, back of the bike and the fuel indicator) so we may assess the condition of the bike/scooter via a photo in your absence. Always leave the provided keys and or accessories with the Receptionist / Duty manager of the accommodation and inform us of the name of the hotel staff that has accepted your items. NOTE: Under no circumstance are clients permitted to leave the bike at the airport or any other areas where there is no supervision. This must be arranged with us first.
  • Delivery service is only offered in specific areas and subject to confirmation by staff on the day.
  • MUTE Garage Bali bikes/scooters/accessories cannot be taken off the island of Bali.
  • MUTE Garage Bali Bikes/scooters are rented out strictly for on road use only. No bikes/scooters are to be used for off road or beach activities. These activities are deemed illegal in Indonesia and strict penalties apply. If damage is cause by these activities, then an assessment will be made for the repair at the hirers cost.
  • Note that the wearing of helmets in Indonesia is mandatory and the appropriate fines by the local police force / Indonesian authorities are strictly enforced. If your helmet is lost or stolen please contact us and note that you may be charged a fee that is detailed within these terms and conditions under ‘Accessories’. All bikes/scooters have a compartment for safe helmet storage.
  • MUTE Garage Bali takes pride in its bikes/scooters and accessories and ensures that all equipment leaving our store is in excellent working order. Each item is inspected as part of our quality control system prior to leaving our offices to ensure you receive the best possible products and services to get the best out of your holiday.


  • Each client will receive an orientation to the motorcycle or scooter. The client orientation will cover all aspects of safe motorcycle operation, the client’s maintenance responsibilities, local and state laws.

INSURANCE COVER & EXCESS ( Important information )


  • Motorcycle Insurance in Indonesia is NOT fully comprehensive. Insurance cover is only available for Total Loss Only (Accident damage to more than 75% of value of the motorcycle. Fire and Theft are also covered). Any incident must be accompanied by an appropriate police report that is completed with 24 hours of the motorcycle being in an accident or stolen. Please Note: Our Insurance company will not allow any claims where the rider does not have the appropriate endorsed motorcycle license (either an International or Indonesian motorcycle license is necessary). This also applies to Theft of a motorcycle.
  • It is important to note that in Indonesia, if you are a foreigner and are involved in an incident regardless of fault, you maybe be considered at fault. Please ride accordingly and err on the side of safety.
  • P.T. MUTE Urban Transportasi is not liable for any damage, loss, injury and death sustained by the rental clients riding the motorcycles or to their pillion passengers and any other persons or third party that is involved in any type of accident.
  • If in the event that you become aware of a fault or if the motorcycle becomes unroadworthy for any reason you must notify MUTE Garage Bali staff immediately on the contact numbers/email detailed in your agreement or our website. We will then organise a replacement bike for you at our earliest convenience within MUTE’s working hours (Fri to Sat 9am to 6pm & Sun 10am to 5pm).
  • In the unfortunate case of an accident or incident please notify MUTE staff immediately within working hours on the numbers given within your agreement or website, please do not defer to the next day. We will attend to this incident, so we may be able to help or advise you with a police report if necessary.
  • Please note: If accident occurs, after which our motorcycle is deemed to be non-roadworthy or unrepairable and it is determined that the rental client / driver was negligent, under the influence alcohol or drugs, under aged, not in possession of a valid driving license or is not the nominated driver(s), the rental contract is immediately terminated and all repairs, replacement or associated costs will be the client’s responsibility. You will be notified by email or phone to advise the cost of repairs or replacement. If any refund is due it will be refunded immediately. Repair costs are scheduled within this document (see below).
  • In the event of any accident, the renter is liable for all repairs and/or replacement. A cash payment or a deposit for the full value of damage or value of the motorcycle will be taken from the authorized credit card and held by MUTE until repair estimates are received from the repairer or Mute purchases a replacement motorcycle.
  • If any of MUTE Garage Bali’s products are stolen or damaged i.e. bike, scooter, helmet, accessories etc. then please contact us immediately within working hours.
  • Please note that only our Honda scooters are covered by 24-hour road side assistance. In the event that 24/7 assistance is required, please refer to the number decaled on the inside of the bike seat. For your reference, Honda’s road side assistance number is 0361 438 008 or +62361 438 008
  • PT MUTE URBAN TRANSPORTASI is not liable for any damage, loss, injury, and death sustained by the rental clients riding the motorbikes or to their pillion riders and any other persons or third party that is involved in any type of accident.
  • In the event of an accident, full damage deposit will be taken from the authorised credit card and held by P.T. Mute Urban Transportasi T/A Mute Garage Bali until repair estimates are received. Where an accident occurs after which our motorcycle is deemed to be unroadworthy and which is the fault of the client, the rental contract is immediately terminated with no refund. Clients will be notified by email or phone of cost of repairs and any refund due will be refunded immediately.
  • MUTE is not liable to refund any losses caused by travel related problems including but not limited to cancelled or delayed flights, late arrivals etc. In this instance, you may take up these types of issues with your own travel agent or insurer. If you are aware of any delays to your holiday/bike rental, please notify us at your earliest convenience so as we can make arrangements and ensure availability of that specific scooter model.

PT MUTE URBAN TRANSPORTASI, at any time, reserves the right to take possession of our motorcycle for any breach of this agreement and any undue care, misuse or neglect to the motorcycle.


If you have added accessories to your hire and any of them area stolen, lost or damaged, then you will be charged at new retail value on your credit card, plus an additional handling fee of $5.

Retail values for our accessories are noted in the table below:

Pre-paid fuel charge upgrade: If you choose this option you don’t have to worry about returning the bike/scooter with a full tank of fuel. This option helps you in the case of either forgetting to refuel your bike or if you find yourself in a rush and run out of time prior to returning the bike.

Please note: All bikes/scooters are delivered with the (STNK) registration and tax papers within the bike. These documents are the legal documents required by the Indonesian government and are to be kept with the bike at all times in the case of having to present them to the Police. Lost document will be charged for.

All prices stated on the website are denoted in IDR and charged as such. We do not accept other forms of currencies in store only using a daily conversion rate by the Indonesian banking system.

Incident TypeAdmin FeeCost
General manufacturers serviceIDR 50,000.00
Scooter repairsIDR 50,000.00 Cost + 10%
Scooter repairs - Days off-the-roadIDR 50,000.00Cost + 10% + off road hire rate
Scooter paint works - Days off-the-roadIDR 50,000.00Cost + 10% + off road hire rate
Scooter complete repair / service / wash packageIDR 50,000.00Cost + 10%
Scooter Washing / DetailingIDR 50,000.00
Scooter Pick-up & Delivery from client’s residenceIDR 50,000.00
Scooter accident pick-up service - Work hoursIDR 50,000.00
Scooter accident pick-up service - After Hours (6pm)IDR 500,000.00+ Cost of truck transportation
Scooter registration papers (STNK) ($100.00)IDR 1,400,000
Scooter helmet replacement (USD35.00)IDR 450,000
Surf board rack replacement (USD150.00)IDR 2,100,000
Medical Kit replacement (USD10.95)IDR 150,000
Rear travel bag replacement (USD50.00)IDR 700,000
Phone holder replacement (USD15.00)IDR 200,000
Key replacement (USD5.00)IDR 70,000
USB Phone ChargerIDR 50,000

Note: Where necessary, all repair costs will be quoted by the scooter manufacturer (Honda / Yamaha etc.)
Quotations will be obtained from the manufacturer for time frames needed for repairs.
Time frames for the scooter being off-the-road will be charged at the daily hire rates.
Example: 2-day repair (off-the-road) for a Honda Scoopy will be charged at 2 days daily hire rate for a Scoopy + repairs.