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What sort of drivers license do I need?

Like all countries around the world, a valid road licence is required. We accept a current and valid driver’s license from your home country with the proper class or endorsement permitting you to ride the motorcycle, or equivalent of the motorcycle, you are renting.
In Bali (Indonesia) all foreigners/tourists are required to have an international license on them at all times while driving or riding any type of motorised vehicle. This may be obtained at your original country of residence, or you may also get an issued licence from the police here in Bali.

Tell me more about riding an electric scooter in Bali!

We have a summary of our most frequently asked questions relating to riding an electric scooter in Bali. Check it out here.

Can more than one person ride my scooter?

One additional rider is permitted at no additional cost. In your agreement you will have to nominate the primary and secondary riders if required. The minimum age for an additional driver is 18 and a valid motorcycle licence is required. Keep in mind that if an incident occurs and any of the riders are not legally valid then your insurance cover will become null and void.

What are delivery and return times?

We encourage our customers to return their rental bikes during business hours (within the time frame that was originally agreed) so we can close out your reservation and avoid any additional charges that may occur if your motorcycle is returned after the agreed drop-off time. We allow a 1.5 hour grace period after the agreed drop-off time as standard.

What about insurance?

If you would like insurance on the scooter when you ride a MUTE, please speak to one of our team and they will explain how insurance coverage works in Indoneisa. You can find details in our T&C section, but please ask to ensure to make sure you understand what is covered, what is not, and what sort of license is needed to get insurance.

How do you charge and electric scooter?

You simply take the bike battery from under the seat and plug it in to any electrical outlet. If you have an outlet in your garage, you can charge using the cord directly to the bike – Just like a mobile phone!

How long in advance do I need to book a vehicle?

A full charge takes between 3-5 hours, depending on the scooter, so we recommend charging overnight for convenience. When out and about, a partial charge can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

How far can I ride my electric scooter before it needs charging?

It depends on your speed and terrain, but as an example you can ride from Ubud to Seminyak and back on one full charge. Just riding around your local area a full charge will last for a few days, but you should generally aim to charge the battery every 2nd or 3rd day. If you are planing a big adventure, such as down to the Bukit or a few days in Ubud, then we recommend taking the charger with you so you can charge when necessary.

Is the electric scooter battery waterproof?

No. The exterior is water resistant to certain degree, but it is best to keep the battery as dry as possible, and make sure the seat is firmly closed during rain. Think of it like a mobile phone – it will be fine with a few splashes as you take it inside to charge, but you don’t want it wet!

How fast does and electric scooter go?

Depending on which model you hire, top speed can be as high as 60km/hour. In towns, the speed limit is typically 30km/hour, but on bigger roads 45km/hour is acceptable.

Do I have to lock my scooter?

Yes! The bikes are expensive, so to deter thieves it is best to keep the seat closed tight and the steering locked.
When you receive your MUTE scooter, we will show you how to lock properly so it is safe at all times.

Do you deliver to the airport?

No, due to so many flights and the constant delays at the airport, we do not offer this service at this time.

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