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A Greener Future

MUTE International has a global vision for a better future.

One kilometre at a time.

Providing a green,  zero carbon choice for the new millennium.

For every scooter we put on the road throughout the world, we plant a tree.

MUTE offers individual users and corporate fleets access to switch to electric vehicles at affordable process.

We are creating a community of socially and environmentally responsible missionaries.

MUTE is a powerful, popular lifestyle brand that believes in the post-carbon future that our world needs.


Community & Lifestyle

Every MUTE rider becomes a part of the MUTE Lifestyle Community.

Discounts for members at like-minded businesses are received through showing your MUTE keyring.

MUTE has collaborated with some of the best drinks & dining, retail, spa and wellness businesses in Bali to bring real value to riding a MUTE.


Go Green Corporate

Corporate partnerships are offered for like-minded businesses in the hospitality and delivery sectors.

Hotels & Villas : Have a dedicated, branded electric fleet in-house to rent to guests.

Delivery Sector: Use electric scooters, branded in your logo, to send products to customers while keeping carbon emissions at zero.

The MUTE mobile app is being developed that will show you how much CO2 you save by partnering with MUTE. Shared with your customers, this is a powerful voice in your marketing.

We work with all our Corporate Partners to help promote green business and will discuss cross-promotions and shared marketing plans.

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