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Eco-Friendly Shopping in Bali

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We have collected a few of our favourite eco-friendly ideas, shops, brands, and services from Bali to help our MUTE Members in their plight to make sustainable choices for a healthier you, a thriving community and a positive long term future in Bali and beyond.

This is just Part One of our Be Eco Friendly In Bali story. If you have any favourite planet positive organisations and groups that you need to speak up about, please email us at or hit us up on The Gram @mutegaragebali and we will help to sing the song of making change in this Brave New World.

Here are our Top 3 shopping choices for being eco friendly in Bali when shopping.


Yes, it is EASY to pop into Popular Deli, Pepito, Freshtive and (my personal favourite) Grand Lucky Supermarket. Perhaps you are even OK with the guaranteed long queues at Carrefour if it means you can get your hands on that imported cheese to make a killer toastie.

These big shops are open set hours, you can see the (often inflated due to import tax) prices, and you pretty much know it will only take a visit to 3 of them to get all the ingredients you need to make a salmon, saffron, spinach and white wine linguine.

BUT, in times of a non-existent tourist market that is causing visible effects on the local Balinese population, it is worth making some changes to our well established expat habits, and choose to shop at the local markets and tokos (that’s little shops in Bahasa BTW).

You will find the veggies are fresher, even if you can’t find an Heirloom Tomato, the eggs are more yellow, and there are a wide variety of local spices, dairy, snacks, groceries that are a lot less expensive that the big supermarkets.

Local markets are a buzz to visit, and you must go early in the morning. Snack on brightly coloured local sweet treats while you select your fruit and veggies, practice your Bahasa and immerse yourself in the smells and sounds of Market Day. People are friendly and welcoming.

Use the 80-20 rule – commit to shopping local and buy seasonal produce MOST of the time.

Some local markets & shops that I visit often and are open 7 days are :

Toko Tisna, Umalas – This is a tiny little toko at the corner of Jalan Bumbak / Umalas 2 that has fresh, organic produce plus all the standard household stuff.

Bio Mart, Canggu – local organic fresh produce. If organic is really important to you, try this store on Jalan Raya Canggu. I find I can get a huge bag of fruit & veg (that I can hardly fit on my electric Viar scooter – as big as it is!) for about 130k.

Use the 80-20 rule and committing to shopping local and buy seasonal produce MOST of the time. Support the smaller businesses, and it will directly help our community, and the health of our community is as important as the health of the whole planet.


Bulk food eco shop (online & instore) – Kerobokan & Ubud

As well as being a ‘bulk food eco shop’ that offers a HUGE range of dried and fresh foods sold by weight and without packaging (BYO your plastic free containers), Zero Waste has pushed further toward their values, inspiring the community with a 30 day zero waste challenge, community collective initiatives, and constantly provides endless information (and inspiration) to help people make the transition to a better, cleaner world by starting in their own homes.

Wandering into their gorgeous store, complete with summery murals of palms and a very cool vibe, you can expect to see shelves and shelves of pretty glass bottles that dispense your goodies straight into your BYO container. Kind of like a healthy grown up’s candy store (well that’s how it makes me feel!).

Grains & pulses, baking goods, cereals & granola, pasta (try the gluten free fettucine OMG), dairy & cheese, eggs, fresh breads, fresh fruit & veg, cleaning products, personal care products, flours, herbs & spices, oils, bio containers, more…. This gorgeous little store has it all and it is all super well priced.

Shopping online is an easy process, and next day delivery always easy. We like that! Definitely worth a visit – don’t forget to take your containers with you!

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