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Bali Governor & Scooters for Tourists in March 2023.

Here are our comments regards the recent announcement form the Bali Governor in March 2023. We are aware that the Governor of Bali has proposed to make changes to tourists renting scooters in Bali, and place limitations on tourists renting scooters.

Advice we have at present is this is a proposal only and some way from being made law, if at all. No additional detail is available as to the boundaries of this proposed new law, nor when it may come into effect, so it is business as usual until such time as we have more information from the government.

Our scooters are all fully licensed and we ask all riders to have an International Drivers License, wear a helmet at all times, have bike registration papers in the bike at all times and adhere to the road rules as in any foreign country.

Our business is fully licensed as a scooter rental company in Indonesia.

Should new regulations come into play later this year (again, if at all) we will notify customers clearly via our website, social platforms and direct communication.

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